Make Meetings Meaningful

Are you satisfied that the outcomes of meetings justify the time invested by your people? Would you like more visibility of the purpose and outcomes of meetings held in your organisation?

A meeting is often arranged with a calendaring tool and an agenda can be included in the invitation. While this is a great scheduling program it doesn't capture the results of the meeting. We traditionally rely on the minutes to be recorded in a document that's then circulated. A follow up meeting is convened to approve what was recorded and to follow up any agreed actions.

It doesn't take long before your team has many actions assigned to them and things start to slip through the cracks. This frustrates your employees and creates unnecessary meetings to discover what was overlooked.

You can eliminate this problem by capturing your meeting results in an online register. Each entry will record what was agreed, who is responsible and a target date can be captured for any actions with agreed deadlines. This gives authorised users complete visibility to the results of every meeting and provides individual users with a system to track and manage their assigned tasks.

Follow this link to try an example Meeting Outcomes Register.