About Us

Our Values

We will strive for perfection

We will have integrity and act honestly

We will always endeavour to do our best

We will respect the views of others

Our Vision

To help organisations collect data quickly and accurately by replacing their existing systems with a secure cloud system.

To provide customers with easy access to their record registers through an online list of key fields that can be filtered, sorted and linked to a detailed view of the record.

To provide customers with a graphic display of their data key metrics by displaying this information in an online chart.

To provide our customers full access to their data so they can download their records for local analysis.

To provide a secure environment so only authenticated users can see information that they are authorised to access.

Our Mission

We will be a leading supplier of secure cloud online management systems by completing all quotes within a period of five business days.

We will provide our clients with a system availability of at least 99% uptime, when measured over a period of ninety consecutive days.

We will always aim to achieve a 98% level of customer satisfaction by providing excellent customer service.

We will never increase our customers prices by more than the annual Consumer Price Index percentage change as published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

All of our services are based on providing our clients with a cloud solution to securely host their management system and forms.

We don't offer a standard "vanilla flavoured" solution for your management system, our expertise is designing a web content system that is built around your existing document system.

If you need a management system developed we can work as partners with a consulting firm of your choice or we can recommend one for you.

Our Services

Online Forms

We create cloud based online forms from your existing form documents. Your forms can be in almost any format which could be a PDF or word processor document, a spreadsheet, or a database.

Record Lists

We create online lists of records from the data you collect with your forms. These record lists have filters so you can easily locate any particular record. Each record in the list includes a link to a detailed view of that individual entry.

Results Charting

We can present your data collected by your online forms so the key metrics can be displayed in dynamic charts so you can quickly see key indicators.

Workflow Rules

We can set up a workflow so when new data is submitted an email can be sent to a user or group of users so they can take appropriate action. Forms can contain sections that are only able to be completed by certain users.

Data Migration

We can create your online form and then migrate your existing records from a spreadsheet, database or text file. This means you don't lose any past records.

Cloud Services

We will host your online forms in a secure cloud so you can access them from anywhere an internet connection is available. You can choose a subdomain of your own domain name (eg. intranet.mycompany.com.au) or we can register a new domain name for you.

Web Site Design

We can design a site exclusively for your online forms or we can develop a full site to replace your organisations existing site. This can be used by the public and privately via a secure login.

Domain Hosting

We can help you find and host a new domain name or we can transfer your existing domain name to our cloud.